Gaming Thursday: This Kitty Cat Katarina Cosplay is the Cat’s Meow!


Katarina is a talented assassin, whom fueled by the fires of an intense killer instinct, uses the most of her powers for the glory of Noxus and the continued legacy and elevation of her family. As soon as she was old enough to hold a sword, she displayed a natural talent for combat. As she was also the daughter of a famous Noxian general, Katarina had many paths laid out in front of her but rejected all her options for the path of the blade. Katarina had undergone rigorous training by the finest assassins in Noxus, her father the best among them and it was not long before she demanded her first assignment. The task they gave her was aggravatingly simple: assassinate a low-ranking Demacian officer.



As she set to her work infiltrating the enemy camp, Katarina discovered an opportunity that too tantalizing to pass by – the arrival of a Demacian General. Stalking him to his tent, she quietly dispatched his guards and slit his throat. Pleased with her impressive kill, she disappeared into the night and her elation faded the next day when her original objective, the Demacian officer, led his forces to ambush unprepared Noxian soldiers.

Furious at her mistake, Katarina set off to complete her original task. Upon making a return to the camp, she spied her now heavily guarded target and realized a stealthy kill was no longer possible. Drawing her blades, Katarina swore the officer would die, no matter the cost. She leapt into battle, unleashing a whirlwind of steel. One by one blades flashed and guards fell, each strike bringing her one step closer to the officer. A final thrown dagger restored her honour. Katarina barely escaped the Demacian forces, and returned to Noxus as a changed woman. The scar she earned that night now serves as a constant reminder that she must never let passion override her duties.


League of Legends cosplay is almost a whole new world of cosplay. There are so many characters to choose from and for each character is the multitude of skins for them. That’s why we love it so much here at All That’s Epic. And we also love Morgana Cosplay’s Kitty-Cat Katarina cosplay. The gorgeous Spanish cosplayer is also an extremely talented body-paint artist and has a large portfolio of characters such as Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Kerrigan from Starcraft 2 and even her Kitty-Cat Katarina cosplay which is just oh-so-cute and oh-so-deadly!

 Photography by Jose Manchado