George R.R. Martin: ‘Game of Thrones’ Movie is Coming

While we’re hungrily scarfing down new casting rumors and shooting details for Game of Thrones Season 6, the possibility of a feature film based on HBO’s phenomenal show is still tantalizing the minds of fans. Today, we have word from George R.R. Martin himself that not only is a Game of Thrones movie going to be a reality, but we also have some clues as to its plot.

Previous film rumors all seemed to point to a movie being used to cap off the end of the TV series. HBO would want to send Game of Thrones off in the most high profile way possible, especially after its record breaking, award winning fifth season. But, as it turns out, a film won’t likely cap off the events of the tv series.

Game of Thrones History: Beyond the Wall

According to the Daily Star, George R.R. Martin says, “They are looking at dipping back in time during certain periods of the series, which could be examined as a one off plot. That means that some of the big characters who fans have seen die on screen could be resurrected such as Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Oberyn Martell The Red Viper – and Ned Stark.”

Martin, for his part, wouldn’t be directly involved in writing the film. “I have too much to do,” he says. “That is something HBO and the DB and David are dealing with. “I have two more books to finish and I still have so much to do. The pressure is on. I am such a slow writer and the fans get upset that I don’t write faster.”

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