George R.R. Martin Won’t Rush ‘Winds of Winter’

It’s an existential dilemma for Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire fans. With the imminent release of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 5, the television adaption of the seminal contemporary fantasy series is rapidly approaching the extent to which the books have already told the story.

As anxious as the fans are, no one is probably more conscious of this eventuality than George R.R. Martin himself. Martin discussed the rapidly advancing show at the San Francisco U.S. Season 5 premiere event.

George R.R. Martin Warns of Forthcoming Deaths in Game of Thrones

“There is more pressure every year, the main thing is to make the book as good as I can possibly make it…Fifty years from now nobody is going to care how frequently the books came out,” he said. “They will care if the books are as good as they can possibly be, if the books stand the test of time. That’s what I struggle with as I write.”

Sounds like the right attitude to me.

As someone who got into the books because of the show, I expect that this situation isn’t as worrisome for some who read the books first. But I’d like to hear from them. What do you think about the very real likelihood that HBO’s Game of Thrones will get ahead of the books and maybe even finish the series before the books? Let us know in the comments!

Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres April 12th on HBO.

Source: Yahoo