Get Caged with this Cassie Cage Cosplay

Cassie Cage made her first appearance in Mortal Kombat X. The daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, she has trained all her life to live up to her parents legacy. A Special Forces sergeant leading her own team in the defense of Earthrealm, she suffers from self-doubt due to her parents reputation even though she is highly skilled in her own right. While her combat techniques are highly refined, the shadow abilities that she gained from her dad are still not fully under control. Normally wielding a gun, her sense of morals lead her to avoid killing enemies if she can.



Wearing a skin tight catsuit completely designed for tactical purposes, Captain Irachka Cosplay is a bad ass in her Cassie Cage cosplay. Blonde hair, sunglasses, and fingerless gloves complete the outfit. The details are so on point that it is almost like Cassie walked out of the screen and into real life. From the pattern on the suit, to the holsters to the dog tags to the combat boots, Captain Irachka Cosplay is an amazing Cassie Cage.


Photography by Egor Demidov