Get Infected by This Lovely Poison Ivy Cosplay!

There’s nothing worse than a woman who is more than capable of carrying her own, but can easily mask it with the most innocent of smiles. In the case of DC Comics’ Poison Ivy, this is more than true. Poison Ivy – previously Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, has no qualms with using all of her botanical knowledge to take down her enemies, and in fact, that’s exactly what she’s done. Wrecking havoc since the 1960s, Poison Ivy utilizes the toxins from plants, as well as mind controlling pheromones in order to defeat her foes.


Not only is Poison Ivy striking – with her bright, red hair and obvious good looks, but she is also regarded as one of Batman’s toughest adversaries. Despite their rocky relationship, a series of events sparked a bit of sexual tension between Batman and Poison Ivy, further proving that her smarts mixed with her deadly tactics seem to do nothing but benefit the woman.


It should come as no surprise that cosplayers would take to donning red hair, and bright green leafs. Nara Gordon has taken the deadly villainess and given her an adorable twist, emphasizing her softer features to give the illusion that Poison Ivy might not be a threat at all. With her hints of adorable, a few pinches of sexy, and amazing photography work by Photographs by Day, Nara’s take on the plant loving woman is nothing shy of amazing.




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