Get Into Uniform with this Jinx Cosplay

Jinx is known for her chaotic behavior often resulting in something being blown up. Never wanting to experience boredom, she received her reputation of destruction when she decided to spice up Piltover, the most boring city in her eyes. Setting upon the peaceful town with her mischievous ways, the damage she left behind wherever she was seen led to the citizen’s naming her Jinx.


Taking a break from creating havoc, or perhaps getting ready to wreak more, Kyahri Cosplay‘s Jinx is outfitted in officer attire. Drawing from other officer skins as well as Jinx’s original skin, she is wearing a blue two piece uniform similar in style to her original style. Bullet necklace, blue black fishnet on one leg, Jinx’s tattoos, and black holsters show her attention to detail. Signature long blue braids, red eyes and crazy poses in front of a graffiti covered background really bring this Jinx cosplay to life.


Photography by Paper Cube