Get Plugged in with this Rei Ayanami Cosplay

rei-ayanami-cosplay-1Photography by William Tan’s Photography

Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) is one of those classic animes that otakus everywhere instantly fell in love with and obsessed over the characters and their in-depth storylines. Arguably the most intriguing character, Rei Ayanami’s enigmatic behavior confounded her peers and the fans.

Not quite devoid of personality, Rei eventually grows to develop relationships with others and gradually shows some emotion throughout the series. In a way, fans are able to enter NGE through her and develop relationships with the other characters as she does. She is akin to a blank slate for fans to follow along with into the world of NGE.

rei-ayanami-cosplay-2Photography by Vancouver Cosplay

Canadian cutie Rachel Nycole brings Rei Ayanami to life in this epic plug suit. Showing the resourcefulness of cosplayers, Rachel was at first unsatisfied with the plug suit as initially received. Determined to make it work, she and a friend painted the suit and added the necessary details to make this cosplay epic. Her scythe adds an extra level of awesome to her Rei cosplay!




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