Get Ready to Cuddle this Ewok Cosplay

Ewoks are the native beings of Endor, a forest moon. Small, furry, and sentient, these creatures have a large sense of curiosity. While they were not beyond primitive weapons and vehicles when they were first discovered, their capacity for learning was showcased as they quickly learned basic mechanical techniques. Taking part in the Battle of Endor, they helped defeat the Galactic Empire by allowing the shield generator to be destroyed. After the battle, many Ewoks left to explore the world or were taken to be slaves or pets.


Tyty Cosplay does a fantastic job with her Ewok cosplay. Wearing a brown fur bustier and matching brown fur skirt, she has the furry part of an Ewok down. Wearing a gray hooded cape with brown ears, she wanders through the wilds barefoot. Brown fur wrist cuffs and a leather arm band complete the look. Wielding a spear, she is ready for whatever comes her way.


Photography by Candace Simpson Photography