Get Struck by Lightning With This Final Fantasy Cosplay!

lightning-cosplay-1Photography by VideoGameStupid

In all of gaming history, few RPGs are more renowned, or beloved, than Final Fantasy. Since its humble beginnings in 1987, it has seen thirteen main titles, and several other games and spin-offs… as well as gaining worldwide recognition. Final Fantasy is known for its impressively large cast of characters, its battle systems, its fantastical locations, and creative and elaborate costumes. The latter has inspired, and will continue to inspire, generations of cosplayers. Whether it’s the simple aesthetic of a beautiful design, or the satisfaction of creating such a complicated outfit from scratch, it’s undeniable that the characters in FF have truly unique attire.

lightning-cosplay-2Photography by G. Edwards Photography

Showing an impressive amount of dedication to both the series and one of its most recognizable characters is cosplayer Caram3llo. Dressed as Lightning, of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 fame, she looks absolutely gorgeous with her bright blue eyes and light pink hair. The details and vibrancy of her costumes really set her apart from the rest, and her wonderfully constructed weapon makes it all the more epic. She’s got it all, both in spirit and in looks, making her a valuable contributor to this wonderful series.

lightning-cosplay-3Photography by Eminence Rain




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