Get Struck by Final Fantasy’s Lightning With This Cosplay

Claire Farron might not be a name that most are familiar with, but when you pair it with the female’s alias – Lightning, suddenly people seem to perk up. What people might realize and know about the Final Fantasy heroine is that her solo gig started in Final Fantasy XIII, where she was on the hunt to save her little sister Serah, but instead gets involved in a plot that puts her home, Cocoon, in danger. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, however, Lightning doesn’t play as big of a role, and instead serves as narrator and short-term playable character. While some might have been disappointed by that, Lightning does once again return for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, where the female is not only the main protagonist, but also the only playable character.


Lightning is certainly known for her roles within each Final Fantasy title, but even more importantly, she’s known for just how strong she is. As it stands, Lightning is the second female to be featured as a main protagonist within the Final Fantasy series. Further more, she’s a woman capable of holding her own, taking down threats as they become an obstacle. Not many females can look fear in the eye, and face it head on without cowering away, and this is something that makes Lightning quite special.


Fantaslusy has taken Lightning from her latest venture in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and brings Square Enix’s vision to life. This cosplay has taken the beauty that is Lightning, and given her character more depth than what might be achieved just by viewing her on a television screen. With Fantalusy’s take on Lightning, she takes the striking woman that is Lightning and kicks it up a notch with the details, with intricacies placed in the remaking of Lightning’s outfit – definitely allowing Fantaslusy to easily be one of the best Lightning cosplays there is.


Photography by Rayvenger.


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