Get Tangled in Wonder Woman Cosplay’s Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman is easily one of the most recognized female superheros. A DC comics babe, Wonder Woman was born on Paradise Island as Diana, she is a princess of the Amazon Warriors. Not only that, but she is an Ambassador of Peace who fights for Justice in the U.S.A. Receiving divine gifts from the God of Olympus, she uses her Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Victory, and her Royal Tiara to help her out when her godly abilities and Amazonian prowess is not enough. On top of everything, she has an invisible plan and a magical sword. Talk about getting the hook up.


Cosbabe has taken on Armored Wonder Woman Bishoujo by Shunya Yamashita. Still accompanied by her Tiara, Bracelets and Lasso, the costume has a bit of flair, opting for a skirt instead of just the armored leotard. A red and gold cape flows behind her. The red top emblazoned with the golden Wonder Woman symbol matches her cape perfectly. Armored red, white and gold knee high boots rise to meet her star embellished blue skirt. Cosbabe makes a sexy and sweet Wonder Woman.


 Photography by Annie Fischinger Fotografie