Ghost in the Shell’s Motoko Kusanagi Comes to Life in This Cosplay

Ghost in the Shell is an anime that started as a manga — as many of them do. Since it gained such popularity, the title has expanded into television, video games and much more. As it rose in popularity so did the title’s main protagonist, Motoko Kusanagi. The woman, or woman as she appears, is a squad leader of Public Security Section 9 and has more to her than meets the eye. In particular, she’s a cyborb — meaning she’s less woman than she appears though she definitely has humility to her. Motoko is known for her skills in hacking, deduction and is known to be strong willed, powerful, and very, very smart.


All of these traits — and the fact that she’s quite good looking, are just a few reasons as to why someone might want to embody the woman. Cosplayers in particular are bringing Motoko Kusanagi to life — dressing up as her in various deviations. Licorne CosPlay is one of the few to do a really, really fantastic job with Motoko and deserves the highest of praises.

Photography by Sarmai and Jakab Tamas Photography