Gijinka Lugia Cosplay Will Make Your Heart Soar

The Pokemon Lugia is most popular for its appearance on the cover of the Pokemon Silver and Soul Silver games as well as its appearance in the movie Pokemon 2000. Lugia is a silver-white legendary Pokemon and is also known as the “Guardian of the Seas” while its golden counterpart, Ho-Oh is known as the “Guardian of the Skies.” Lugia is one of six legendary Pokemon that one can find in the Johto region. It is a psychic and flying type, and is known for its powerful wings and influence over the weather.

Tapyoo perfectly embodies what one can assume Lugia would look like in a human form. She is elegant in her pose as well as her presence. The main focus on the costume is Lugia’s impressive wings which she emphasizes by creating over sized sleeves. Her keen attention to detail as well as her ingenuity to create a vision from scratch is truly awe-inspiring.

Photography by Fotomania



Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten