Gintama’s Kagura is a Stunner in This Amazing Cosplay!

Leave it to anime to make a young girl look older — and sexier than she is, but hey, most of us aren’t complaining, especially not when it comes to Gintama’s Kagura. For those unfamiliar with Gintama, it takes place in a world after the “Edo” period — in which humanity has been under siege by aliens called “Amanto”. In order to fight against the Amanto, the samurai join together but when Shogun realizes the power the aliens have everything changes. The samurai are betrayed, an unequal contract is written, and the samurais are stripped of their swords — no longer able to fight back.

Where does Kagura come in? Well, she’s one of the Amanto that the samurai were trying to get rid of. The young girl once lived in a far off planet with her parents, and older brother and later travelled to Earth in order to start a new life. You probably would too if your brother tried to kill your father, failed, and both your father and brother ended up leaving your family — not to mention that her mother ended up dying of an illness when the girl was young.

There’s no doubt that Kagura has a high resolve, showing that she’s capable of being strong in even the hardest moments. It’s not often someone is able to overcome the loss of their family members and that shows just how strong she is — plus she’s adorable. That, and other traits make her worthy of cosplaying and Asami_Gate has one of the better Kagura cosplays we’ve seen. The details are fantastic and truly make you believe that Kagura exists in the real world.



Photos by Loonymoon