Gnar Cosplay is Sweet and Sophisticated

When it comes to cute, League of Legends Yordles are top notch. Gnar, one of the oldest yordles around, was still young when he was frozen in ice and time. Even the strongest of ice, true ice, could not contain the powerful yordle. Gnar thawed into a world that had marched on for generations. Taken in by his descendants, the young hunter is a playful boy with a hidden secret. Throwing a tantrum, Gnar transforms from a cute and cuddly yordle into a giant boulder throwing monster. Underestimating his power is the worst thing you can do in battle.


Gnar becomes a demure yorlde in his Gentleman skin. Cosplay Love Pro gender bends to create her sophisticated gentlewoman Gnar cosplay. Wearing a pinstripe sleeveless jacket and shirt, she is super cute. A bowler hat, white ears, yellow bowtie, white cuffs, and black heels finish off the outfit. Wielding a silver handled wooden cane, MisaCosplayLove is undeniably sweet as gentlewoman Gnar.


Photography by David DTJAAAAM Ngo and U.V. Photography