Go Berserk with this Undine Asuna Cosplay

Asuna is one of the main female protagonists in the series Sword Art Online. Skilled with a rapier, she joined the Knights of the Blood in Sword Art Online. When she was rescued by Kirito, however, she made a new character when she returned to the game. Going with an Undine healer, Asuna tapped into her need to help others. While not willing to leave someone behind, she can also be quite proud, willing to fight those that doubt her skills. This instinct to fight is what led her to be nicknamed the Berserk Healer for her penchant of fighting on the front line on occasion even though she is a healer.


Picking a new race means Asuna got a new look. Cosplayer K-I-M-I recreates her character from ALfheim Online, the successor to Sword Art Online. Strutting her fairy awesomeness, she is decked out in a white and blue. Light blue hair, pointed ears, and amazingly photo shopped wings really bring Asuna alive. Aside from the wings, the effects and posing of the photos are on point, bringing out both the serious and playful sides of Asuna.

Photography by Minum’s stuff