Go Crazy with this Firecracker Jinx Cosplay

Jinx is the eccentric, gun loving, wild champion from League of Legends. Known for pulling multiple heists and destroying many things in Piltover, she gained notoriety from wreaking havoc everywhere she went. Loving explosions and loathing boredom, her favorite past time is taunting the peacekeepers of Piltover, especially Vi. Marking the treasury with a dare for the law enforcer, she escaped capture once again by blowing it up with bombs and followed it up with rockets.


Keeping with the theme of blowing things up, Jinx received a new outfit, Firecracker. Decked out in a red kimono styled outfit, she calls forth images from the Chinese New Year. Cosplayer Melody Rose channels her inner crazy to become Firecracker Jinx. Showing off Jinx’s calmer side, she has long ribbon wrapped black hair with a swath of bright green in the front. Her dress is covered with cloud and thunderbolt patterns and cinched in the middle with purple and gold. Black boots, red leggings, and a white lotus adorning her hair complete the look.


Photography by Mai Heart