Go on a Cosplay Adventure with Tails!

There are some games that never get old, and the classics everyone knows about.  One of those games is Sonic the Hedgehog.  In 1990, this cool runner was released to the world. Of course with every main character there are friends to join them.  Sonic’s best friend was Tails, the twin-tailed fox.  Tails befriended Sonic when he found his original plane Tornado, and Tails painted it blue to make it faster. Eventually he meets Knuckles, Cream and Cheese, and Amy. Together they are transported to Earth where they meet Chris, and reside at his.

Tails is a loyal sidekick to sonic, and rather than using physical combat, Tails uses science and mechanics and often uses the upgraded X-tornado. He has an innocent and humble personality, he is also very intelligent and always acts kindly towards others. At the start, Tails was very shy and had little confidence- a lot of the time he kept quiet. This doesn’t last long however, as he becomes more confident and develops leadership skills. His special move is flight and he is able to hover for short periods of time.


CheekerCosplay’s gijinka version of Tails is really cute. She’s kept the main elements of the character as well as adding her own style to it. The costume is really well presented with a strapless dress with the main colours white and orange.  She also has the same white tummy with the signature fluff at the top. The pretty white stockings and long flowing hair give it a feminine touch. Finishing the Tails off with her pair of pointy ears and white gloves completes it.


Photography by DirtySouthCustoms.



Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen