Goddess Ahri Cosplay Will Make You Swoon

Ahri, the Nine Tailed Fox, is one of many Champions one may play in League of Legends.  Don’t let her stunning appearance get your guard down lest she consume your life force. Albeit she regrets some of her previous misdemeanors , her ever growing sense of human morality has gotten the best of her, and now she seeks more harmless ways to achieve her humanity through her service in the League of Legends.

K-I T S U N-E is jaw dropping as Goddess Ahri. Her attention to detail on even the smallest parts of her costume is awe inspiring. There’s not one part of her costume that I love more than the other because every part of it is stunning. She has certainly created one of the best Ahri cosplays that I have ever had the privelage of seeing. I do love how she managed to have her tails stand on their own. For anyone who has tried to cosplay Ahri, they know that having the tails defy gravity is no easy feat.



Photography by Sadarex, Rendom Fotografu, and Decco Photography




Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten