Gordon Freeman Slaughters Aliens in Epic Cosplay


Dr. Gordon Freeman lived a life like any other. He went to work, came home, ate and slept. That all changed one day when an experiment he was performing went horribly wrong, tearing the space-time continuum. This may sound like that was the worst of it, but you’d be wrong, as this tear allowed aliens to enter the lab. The aliens then proceeded to kill any human they could find. Becoming a leader among the survivors, Gordon Freeman helped fend off the aliens.


In a stunning Gordon Freeman crossplay, cosplayer It’s Raining Neon transforms herself into a female version of the crowbar wielding physicist. Wearing the gray and orange uniform emblazoned with the Half-Life logo. The details are simply fabulous, with the uniform looking worn and damaged. Wearing black glasses, she is ready to take down some aliens. The photos are simply stunning, highlighting the awesome costume that It’s Raining Neon has created.




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