Gorgeous Dead or Alive Kasumi Cosplay is Unbeatable

Dead or Alive is an epic fighting game franchise that has had fans enthralled for many years now.  Every DoA player has a character that they have poured countless hours into in order to master them.  With such an expansive roster of fighters, there is sure to be a character that fits your playstyle.  While there are so many characters from the Dead or Alive franchise that we love to see enter the fighting ring, the most popular character when it comes to cosplay is undoubtedly Kasumi.


Cosplayed here by talented cosplayer Shermie Cosplay, Kasumi is expertly brought to life.  Shermie sports Kasumi’s signature orange hair and beautiful blue and white ensemble perfectly.  We absolutely love this Kasumi cosplay, and if you do as well, be sure to give Shermie Cosplay a Like on her Facebook page!