Grace and Beauty: A Sailor Neptune Cosplay to Remember


One of the later introduced Sailor Senshi, Michiru is a sophisticated beauty. Usagi describes her as an ideal example of a princess with her grace, poise, and artistic affinity. As a civilian, Michiru is an admirable beauty and also appears to have heightened sense to evil powers at work. As Sailor Neptune she has ocean-based powers inspired by Roman mythology.

sailor-neptune-cosplay-2Photography by Aperature Ashley

Michiru is one part of one of the most well-loved anime/manga couples, and possibly the number one fan favorite yuri couple. Part of what makes this couple so great is that they were created to be complementary but opposite characters. Being part of such a beautiful power couple has made Michiru a fan favorite for Moonies everywhere.

sailor-neptune-cosplay-3Photography by Lemon-ikon

The beautiful Melfina Cosplay is a DFW cosplayer who perfectly captured Michiru’s soft beauty with her Sailor Neptune and Princess Neptune cosplays. She is an incredibly talented cosplayer who makes all of her cosplays and has been part of the cosplay community for several years. Definitely go check out this beautiful cosplayer’s page for more epic anime and video game cosplays such as Catherine, Chii, and many more!

sailor-neptune-cosplay-4Photography by Sweet Sensation





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