Guilty Gear’s Millia Rage in Perfect Cosplay


This week, we have been featuring epic Guilty Gear cosplays in honor of the release of Guilty Gear Xrd.  We have featured the likes of both Jam and I-No, and now it is Millia Rage’s time to shine in the spotlight, as cosplayer Tali has created an epic cosplay of this adorable yet powerful character.


While Millia may be able to fight without a moment’s hesitation, she has a kind heart, but often isolates herself.  She is fearful of trusting others and refuses to ask anyone for help, choosing instead to live alone.  While she is afraid, Millia yearns for a relationship with others, but is too heartbroken from her previous love to take the leap.  Yet, it is without a doubt that we absolutely love this character, and so does cosplayer Tali as she evokes her perfectly.



Photography by CK december


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