Gwenpool Joins Deadpool in an Epic Cosplay Duo

Deadpool has been a fan favorite character since his inception in 1991. Originally a runaway teen who received various military training, Wade Wilson was always on the path of a mercenary. When he was diagnosed with brain cancer, he opted into the Weapon-X program which wanted to successfully give someone else Wolverine’s healing powers. Becoming mentally unstable from the experiments, his hilarious antics and mischievous ways cinched his popularity.


Gwen Stacey is best known as the love of Spider-Man. Smart and charming, Gwen has held a special place in her fans hearts for years. Since her introduction as Spider-Gwen gained rapid popularity, Marvel decided to introduce her in another way. Thus, Gwenpool was given a story. Appearing in Howard the Duck #1-3, she learns to live in an alternate dimension with the help of Howard the Duck.


Something Wicked Cosplay and RadClawedRaid team up to create this epic Deadpool and Gwenpool cosplay duo. Something Wicked is on point with his Deadpool Cosplay, going without this face mask, opting to show off his scarred face. RadClawedRaid perfectly represents Gwenpool, from the blonde hair and hooded mask down to the shin guards and pink sneakers. Both cosplayers really payed attention to the small details when creating their costumes, making it seem like they walked off the comic pages.

Photography by Riot Arms