Hail Hydra with an Epic Viper Cosplay


Viper, also known as Madame Hydra, first hit comic book pages in 1969 with Captain America #113. An orphaned girl, she survived by making a pact with a trapped god, lengthening her lifespan considerably. After being trained by Seraph she joined Hydra, an international organization bent on global domination. Resourceful and determined, she quickly made her way through the ranks until she was one of Hydra’s highest members. After the death of Hydra’s leader, she seizes control of the New York City faction and named herself Madame Hydra.


Cosplayer Kitty Honey recreates Viper’s green bodysuit perfectly in her cosplay of Madame Hydra. The latex bodysuit is adorned with holsters around her waist and matching gloves cover her arms. Green knee high boots finish off the ensemble perfectly. Sporting short dark green hair and green makeup, she wields a gun in the name of Hydra. Kitty-Honey looks as if she stepped right out of the Marvel Heroes universe.


 Photography by Magic Alex Photo




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