Halloween Horror Week: A Freddy Krueger Cosplay You Would Want to Haunt Your Dreams


Horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street first premiered in 1984 to great success. The villain, Freddy Krueger, stalked his prey in their dreams, using their fears against them. There, he killed them, often employing his razor enhanced glove, which killed them in reality. His victims a group of teens whose parents had a deadly secret who hunted him down for his heinous crimes and set him ablaze, causing his deformed appearance. Debuting to such high critical acclaim and soaring to popularity, Freddy was resurrected for multiple films, keeping the nightmare alive.

Cosplayer Alice Infinity has taken on the gloved terror to screaming success. Opting to keep her pretty face untouched, she dons Freddy’s iconic red and green sweater, beat up and slashed. With jean shorts, fishnets and matching stocking, she is ready to hunt down her next victim. The razors of her glove glint in the sunlight just waiting to be baptized in teenage blood. Taking Freddy from nasty murderer to sexy villain Winifred, Rocker Death Fairy gives life, again, to the dream stalker.


Photography by Emerald Coast Cosplay



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