Halloween Horror Week: ATC’s Karli Woods as Edward Scissorhands!


Edward Scissorhands is a classic Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp as the sweet and caring Edward. Edward was the creation of an inventor who died before completing him, leaving him with scissors instead of hands. Oft misunderstand, he finds a home and a rewarding future when Peg Boggs decides to take him home with her. While the world sees a frightening man, those who knew him knew he was quite gentle and innocent.


Karli Woods takes the masculine Edward Scissorhands and gives it a new twist with a refreshing female outfit. Sticking with Edward’s black leather attire, she creates a fun corsetted tutu costume. Not only is the dress ravishing, but the scissorhands are so realistic to the movie it made me think they came off the set. If there was to be a remake of the movie where Edward was recast as a woman, Karli Woods would be my first thought of who should take the part. Not only is her outfit strikingly similar to the original in choice of material, coloring and design, but her hair and make-up complete the look flawlessly.

Karli is also currently doing a giveaway! Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for details!

edward-scissorhands-cosplay-4 edward-scissorhands-cosplay-5


Photography by Peter Wang



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