Halo’s Cortana Comes to Life in Vivid Cosplay


Cortana is a Smart Artificial Intelligence being created based on Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey’s brain. Containing some of her memories and values, she not only embodies a copy of Dr. Halsey’s mind, but is also a copy of her body from a younger age. A witty and loyal being, she is the A.I. partner of renowned Master Chief. Giving her all to protect him always, she goes above and beyond what the mission calls for to ensure his safety.

Dahlia Thomas recreates Cortana in a stunning cosplay. Paired with David Love Photography, they bring to life the holographic character. Body paint covers Dahlia Thomas in such detail it is mind blowing. With the stylized design of circuits running over her skin and the tones fading from dark blue to light, she is vivid. Standing on a gloved hand, she is standing above her projector to consult with Master Chief. Her expression is stoic, much like her video game counterpart. Dahlia Thomas really brings Cortana alive with her cosplay.

Photography by David Love