Halo’s Kelly-087 is Beautifully Mastered in this Amazing Cosplay

What comes to your mind when you think of Halo? If your immediate thoughts went to Master Chief and Cortana no one would blame you — or be shocked for that matter. Most people would argue that the Halo franchise is centric on these two characters, aiding in what has made it great over the years. However, what some people tend to forget is how great characters who might not always get as much limelight are. Does this mean that they’re any less life altering? Nope, not at all!


If you’ve played Halo 5 Guardians or Reach, then you’re familiar with Kelly-087. She’s a insanely fast, quick reflexed human being who is more than capable of taking a punch or two. In fact, Kelly-087 is believed to be the fastest human being to ever live, more often than not having to slow down her tactics in sparring. She’s able to finish the simplest of tasks with ease and speed, executing them to perfection. Kelly-087 also combats multiple situations with her cynical humor, often attempting to lighten the mood while in the middle of missions.


Due to her cynical nature — which a lot of us can relate to, and overall badass-ery, it’s no wonder cosplayers have taken the challenge of becoming Kelly-087. That’s no easy task, of course, as her cosplay comes with a full suit of armor and other various details that one would have to nail in order to give a Kelly-087 cosplay a complete look. While it might seem daunting and hard to accomplish, Its Raining Neon has done just that! Her take on Kelly-087 is essentially flawless, from the well put together armor to the snarl in her face. All of these factors have contributed to a job well done earning Its Raining Neon high praises from us.


Photography by U.V. Photography and Mineralblu Photography