Harley Quinn Margot Robbie

Harley Quinn Cast for Upcoming “Suicide Squad”

The Suicide Squad film is for sure happening. Over the weekend, some massive casting choices were announced for the film, including that of Margot Robbie as the fabulously infamous Harley Quinn.

Will Smith, Tom Hardy, and Margot Robbie are all expected to be signing on to the Suicide Squad cast. David Ayer will be helming the film, which is filled with some of the nastiest villains of all time.

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Harley Quinn was introduced in the Batman: Animated Series as a girlfriend and henchwoman, the anti-rogue if you will. It is also the first time this role has been cast to such a large extent on screen. Matter of fact, this is the first time we have seen Harley Quinn on the silver screen.

Robbie seems to be a good match but deciphering her past roles, it’s questionable how well it will go considering Quinn is screwed up and sadistic in a way. May as well grab that mallet and hold on for dear life because Suicide Squad will be hitting theaters in 2016.




Source: Collider