Harley Quinn Lands Final Spot in Our Injustice: Gods Among Us Cosplay Week

Photo by Patrick Sun

As you may well know, we have been showcasing an entire week of cosplays dedicated to the lovely DC Comics ladies from Injustice: Gods Among Us in order to express our excitement of its April 16th release. Well unfortunately Friday has approached, meaning we are at our final Injustice: Gods Among Us cosplay. It seems there is one important femme fatale missing. One with a bubbly, jubilant personality who demands everyone’s attention when she walks in the room. Of course, it’s the irresistibly sexy Harley Quinn with an all new look!

harley - Quinn - Cosplay - Destiny - Nickelsen-3
Photo by Tobias Roybal

Like most of DC Comics characters, Harleen Quinnzell had a rough family history. Her mother is constantly comparing her to other superheroes, her brother is a deadbeat, and her father is a hustler who knows how to get his way with women. Motivated by the desire to know what exactly is wrong with her family, Harleen decided to go to medical school for psychology. While working at the well-known Arkham Asylum, she was assigned to place observation over infamous trickster, The Joker. After he confessed about his own family past, Harleen empathized with him, and he managed to capture her heart. Irrevocably in love and blinded to his wrong-doing, Harleen took on the pseudonym Harley Quinn, showcasing her new role as a harlequin and disowning her medical roots.

harley - Quinn - Cosplay - Destiny - Nickelsen-2
Photo by Tobias Roybal

Becoming one of Gotham’s most infamous villains alongside her sinister boyfriend, Harley and The Joker are constantly battling Batman, their fiercest opponent. With Harley’s advanced strength, speed, and agility, she will not go down with a hard, brutal, bloody fight. A trained acrobat, she bounces her way across the battlefield, swinging her mallet and pumping bullets into her enemies’ heads with her large, forbidding pistol.

Harley Quinn has been featured on Conslayer before, but never in her newest costume from Injustice: Gods Among Us. Straying from her typical blonde hair, Harley is shown in the game with half black half red hair with a green streak, looking more sinister, yet sexier than ever. With her revealing new outfit, no one works it better than cosplayer Destiny Nickelsen. Looking insanely beautiful yet like she could kick some serious bad-guy butt, Destiny symbolizes everything that is the infamous harlequin, Harley Quinn.

harley - Quinn - Cosplay - Destiny - Nickelsen-4
Photo by Grant Brummett



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