Hatsune Miku Cosplay is Ready for a Beautiful Revolution

Virtual pop icon Hatsune Miku is known for her never-ending versatility, as well as her multitude of adorable outfits.  In the music video for the fast-paced and energetic war-and-peace song “Senbonzakura”, Miku wears a unique military-style uniform that has an air of elegance and beautifully blends East with West.
Catheriena Cosplay executes this outfit with detailed perfection, from her ultra-short gloves to the box pleats in her skirt and her flawless peaked cap.  Miku is given new energy with this adorable look; gone is her original, dark purple uniform color, which has been replaced with a Sakura-pink colorway.  However, Catheriena also amps up Miku’s tough factor by taking her Senbonzakura uniform in a different direction; Miku’s pseudo-haori has been traded in for a yanki-style chest wrap, suspenders, and a pair of cool, black cuffs.  As Hatsune Miku, Catheriena Cosplay is certainly ready for a beautiful revolution!
To see Catheriena’s cosplay of Miku’s original Senbonzakura uniform, plus her many other gorgeous cosplays, visit Catheriena Cosplay on Facebook.
Photography by Desodorien
Written by Guest Contributor: Lyssa
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