A Hellishly Good Satana Cosplay from Marvel


Daughter of Satan, Satana is a powerful succubus from the Marvel Universe. Draining human souls in order to survive and thrive, Satana utilizes multiple powers to achieve her goals. Satana’s primary power is the ability to fire energy blasts and she is immune to human emotions and weaknesses. The devil’s daughter has truly followed in her father’s footsteps.


Originally from Hell, Satana has been banished to Earth, died and returned back to hell, and travelled across the divide many times. Satana has inhabited soulless human bodies while on Earth and drained countless humans in order to strengthen herself and become more powerful. Nothing, it seems, can stand in the way of this determined demon.


Alexia Muller is an amazing Satana. Her spectacular costume and the demonic tantalizing presence she brings to the character is marvellous. The dark and mysterious lighting and scenery in the photographs really brings out the dark demonic nature of Satana, but also focuses on the beautiful cosplay of Alexia Muller.



To see more of Alexia’s amazing cosplay work, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantART pages!
Costume one photos by Eva; Costume two photos by Pugoffka.