Hello Kitty’s Kalashnikitty is the Cutest Gun-Wielder Around in this Cosplay


Kalashnikitty is a special edit on the original girly figure Hello Kitty. In this version, Sanrio’s famous Hello Kitty is seen holding a cartoon Kalashnikov AK-47. This image is very popular among any fans of Hello Kitty who are also Pro-Gun. On pro-gun message boards and communities especially this version of Hello Kitty is the best. Women love this image, and sometimes even put Kalashnikitty on T Shirts and more.

kalashnikitty-cosplay-2Photography by Studio 4T7

This is the first cosplay I have ever seen of Kalashnikitty, and creativity goes a long way in the cosplay world. Ailish01 pulls off this interesting rendition of everyone’s favorite Sanrio character in a perfect way. Keeping in mind the innocence of Hello Kitty but also making her sexy and badass. Way to go Ailish01, this cosplay is cool, different, and totally epic!

kalashnikitty-cosplay-3Photography by stillreflection