Her Return to the Land of the Living- A Corpse Bride Cosplay

Her remains, half buried in a deep dark forest, are resurrected with the vows of the unassuming Victor, groom to be. Even in the afterlife, Emily’s second chance at marriage is enthusiastic to say the least- well, for her anyway! Though her grasp on this newly-acquired beau gets messy when she finds there is another woman in the picture.

Photography by Ira Belyakova

The sweet, yet jealous Emily must be a challenge to recreate. However, Cosplayer Natalie Cartman not only looks the part, but brings Emily back from the dead with an incredible make up job. The cartoony brows and thick eyeliner stand out strong against the pale blue body paint. Natalie’s tattered and beautifully flowing gown consist of moody stains and swirls, and the bodice is neatly detailed! With mysterious blue flowers in her bouquet and veil, this is undoubtedly a stunning costume!

Photography by Justmoolti and HaJI

To see more of Natalie’s stunning cosplays, head over to her DeviantArt!




Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz