Here’s Final Fantasy XV’s CEDEC 2015 Behind the Scenes Footage

Back in August at the CEDEC 2015 show, Final Fantasy developer Square-Enix showed off two videos which took a behind the scenes look at the graphics and programming behind next year’s Final Fantasy XV, exploring the animation and motion capture that brings these new characters and worlds to life. These videos, which have recently found their way online, explore the game’s Luminous Engine, which brings a true open world experience as a franchise first, the Luminous Engine allows the developer to manipulate and animate character models to unprecedented levels of detail and attention. Ranging from inside and outside of cinematics, facial expressions, recoil on hit, the game’s unique engine allows for the kind of highly detailed, highly robust graphics presentation we’ve come to expect from the Final Fantasy franchise.

In the motion capture video, we see the kind of work that goes into generating the animation for each character, which amounts to actors playing out the action themselves, in full jump suits and everything. Check out the two videos below, uploaded courtesy of YouTube user Asleep in the Fantasy. Final Fantasy XV is set for release next year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.