Hestia Cosplay Is Ethereally Elegant

Hestia is a beautiful goddess who appears often as a young teenager. Her usual attire is a white mini dress with her signature blue ribbons around her neck and below her chest. She also wears a pair of classy white gloves that match her dress. In her hair she wears two bows that represent flower petals and two bell shaped ornaments. She is the head of the Hestila Familia, in which she is the only member until she recruits Bell.

Cosplayer Juby Headshot poses in front of a beautiful blue sky which she absolutely shines against. She completely captures Hestia’s sweetness and innocence and her cute expression ties everything in this incredibly crafted cosplay together.

hestia-cosplay-2 hestia-cosplay-3 hestia-cosplay-1

Photography by Oriol Lamiel Photography

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