Hexplosively Good Ziggs Cosplay from League of Legends


Ziggs is a crazy hexplosive expert and hyperactive champion from League of Legends. His famed scientific talents landed him an interview with the esteemed scientists at the Yordle Academy. However, after blowing a crater in the room during his interview, he was unfortunately dismissed. Ziggs kept on with his craft, and can now be found haphazardly detonating bombs in the arenas of League of Legends.


League of Legends is a fantastic massively multiplayer online battle areas that blends an enormous variety of character and ability types. There is definitely something for everyone! The impressive lore given to each of the many characters showcases League of Legends expansive creativity. No matter your play style and choice, there is a favourite character waiting for you.


Fawkes Cosplay has splendidly demonstrated her take on one of her favorite League of Legends character. Mixed with some excellent photo after effects, Fawkes is a truly explosive cosplayer.  Her unique and serious spin on Ziggs’ crazy personality and love of bombs is a real treat.

 Photography by ACP