Hextech Janna Cosplay Leaves Steampunk Fans Breathless

An orphan in of Zaun, the city-state of unchecked industry and magic chaos, Janna had to rely on herself to survive on the streets. The lure of the magic around here grew as she learned to depend on it as a tool for survival. Janna is one of the few with magical talents to give themselves to the primal elements that make up the world instead of choosing the path of traditional study and education. Having a strong affinity for air magic, she mastered it within months, becoming an avatar of the air virtually overnight.


Cosplayer Fasffy transforms into the other worldly beauty in her Hextech Janna cosplay. Hextech is the primary technology, especially of the city of Piltover, which combines magic and machine. Calling on steampunk themes, she is sporting a pair of goggles on her head, a leather corseted midsection, knee high boots, and a leather side pack. Still airy in appearance, her shorts and shirt are white and adorned with blue crystals, while swathes of transparent white cloth hang from her hips. Wielding a crystal and copper staff, Fasffy is ready to fight in the name of justice and bring order to the chaos of Zaun.


Photography by James Niland