Hideo Kojima Opens Independent Game Studio

Metal Gear creator and gaming pioneer Hideo Kojima has announced his new game studio, following his departure and period of silence following the questionable release of Metal Gear Solid V. Taking note from his production wing under Konami, Kojima’s new studio is named Kojima Productions, and in their mission statement they celebrate “Homo Ludens”, Latin for “Those Who Play”.

In addition to the lengthy mission statement, Kojima also announced that their first title will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive before heading to PC after a short time, you can check out the announcement video below. There are virtually no other details surrounding the new title, but considering the studio was founded last night, that isn’t surprising. Hideo Kojima began his game development career back in the first generations of console gaming. With a number of games released for the Japanese home computer as well as the Nintendo Entertainment System, before finally reaching a breakout success with Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation, Kojima has made a name for himself with quality games, deep and philosophical writing, as well as a dedication to those who play his games. In their mission statement, Kojima Productions writes, “”Playing” is not simply a pasttime. It’s the primordial basis of imagination and creation.”

Welcome back, Mr. Kojima.