High School Of The Dead: Saya and Rei Cosplay

Halloween isn’t just a day of scary costumes and free candy, it’s a day of Cosplay. On Halloween, people all around the world can cosplay as their favorite characters. Everything from historical figures to pop culture, you’ll see just about every character walking the streets at night for some candy. Halloween is definitely a cosplayer kind of day, now that you can walk down the streets in a crazy costume, not that you probably don’t do that already. Cosplaying is fun, and it’s something to be proud of and to show off, so why not go to the store dressed up as a zombie? But, if you do then you better watch out for Saya and Rei.


Saya Tagagi and Rei Miyamoto are friends and fellow zombie slayers in the anime “High School Of The Dead.” Saya is one of the main characters, known for her genius skills in fighting against zombies. She started off working with the police and taking charge in planning zombie slayers attacks. But, due to her smarts she is a little to proud of herself. Some consider Saya to be rude and impolite. She will always consider herself right and can seem a bit “stuck-up” to others. But in the end, she is a very helpful and skilled girl who soon becomes a zombie slayer herself. As a zombie slayer, she fights with her friend Rei Miyamoto, a very well skilled Zombie slayer. Rei and Saya have a connected past, both having strong feelings for Takashi Komuro, a not so skilled fighter but a very strong leader.


In this cosplay, Nina Pessi takes character as Saya, and her fellow cosplayer, Luuh Lopes, plays Rei. This cosplay is another great example of teamwork. Teamwork is not only fun but a strong way to show a relationship between two characters. Here Nina and Luuh demonstrate Saya and Rei’s friendship through zombie slaying. Not to mention the well made costumes which are actually school uniforms in “High School Of The Dead.” Both cosplayers wear the basic looks of the characters, Saya having long pink hair in pigtails and Rei’s brown hair, the sides tied back into a small ponytail.


Nina and Luuh’s cosplay is a great demonstration of teamwork and the cosplay itself. They have all their pieces together which make their cosplay look complete. Cosplay isn’t always easy, it takes a lot of thought and effort to pull off a great cosplay. If you are dedicated to your character and take the time and thought to bring your character to life, then you will have a great cosplay. Whether it’s cosplaying as Disney princesses or zombie slayers, as long as you really love it, you’ll do great.



Written by Guest Contributor: jessicavelocity