Holly Wolf Looks Spectacular in this Epic Captain America Cosplay!


Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, first appeared in March of 1941, and has been a Marvel Comics mainstay for over 70 years. Thanks in large part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America, often affectionately referred to simply as Cap, has enjoyed a recent resurgence of popularity through blockbuster films such as Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, and The Winter Soldier. And, of course, we’ll be seeing him again in the next Avengers’ film. The story of Captain America is one perseverance, idealism, and heart, and is a testament to how one person, regardless of how he or she is perceived, can make an enormous difference and be a force for good. It was the quality of the man that Steve Rogers was prior to his transformation via the Super Soldier Serum experiment which allowed him to become Captain America, the war hero of then and now. Cap is more than just a fictional character and hero of print, television, video games, and film screen, he’s a symbol of truth and justice that has resonated with fans and popular culture through the years.


Cosplay of Captain America doesn’t need to be a replica of any of his costumes, nor of his face, body shape, or even gender in order to convey that symbol and what it represents. Cosplay is about the love of a character, series, or fandom, and the inspiration and creative interpretation thereof. Just look at the stunning image of Holly Wolf in her Captain America crossplay for proof. Holly is gorgeous, and her work with photographer Pablo Badd beautifully capture Cap’s sincerity. Here, his trademark red, white, and blue uniform is interpreted as a cropped top, sleek pants, and knee high boots. The look is sexy, strong, and very much that of a superhero. Or superheroine. In Holly’s expression, we see a glimpse of the vulnerability and heart of the man behind the shield, Steve Rogers.





Written by Guest Contributor: GogoIncognito