Horizon Hero Dawn's Aloy Cosplay

An Incredibly Accurate Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Cosplay

If you haven’t yet picked up the PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, you are truly missing out.  Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of a young woman named Aloy who attempts to rid herself of the “outcast” status that was placed on her at birth, and the mystery surrounding her mother.  While trying to figure out who she is, she must defeat powerful mechanisms called Machines, who resemble awesome mechanical dinosaurs.

Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Cosplay by Lucky Strike Cosplay

Aloy Cosplay

Aloy is truly one epic video game character.  She has a sarcastic, relatable personality that draws you to her, and she deeply cares for the people around her, even if they had once wronged her. Talented cosplayer Lucky Strike Cosplay perfectly embodies all of Aloy’s wonderful characteristics in her cosplay, and it looks as if she walked straight out of the video game!  Amazing!



Photography by kmitenkova