Horrifically Epic: A Terrifying Alma Wade Cosplay

October is finally here, and you know what that means—you need to find an epic costume that will steal the spotlight at any costume party you have planned to attend this year. We are super stoked to share some of our very favorite horror-themed cosplays with you guys this month, in hopes of helping you choose your unbelievably eerie costume this year! If you have wanted to try your hand at cosplay, Halloween is a great way to get a feel of how fun it is to craft a costume of a character you have always wanted to be.

Sometimes the simplest costume can define the creepiest characters. How many of you enjoyed playing the intense shooter game, F.E.A.R.? Who could forget the small antagonist, Alma, whose mind was more deadly than any weapon known to man? The lonely and isolated young girl was forced to live her life floating in the darkness, as unspeakable experiments were conducted to exploit her unique psychic abilities. Her ability to cause people to hallucinate before she melted the flesh off of their bodies are just a few of the many traits that Alma Wade possessed that made her send chills down our spines every time she appeared out of thin air while we were trying to complete our intense shooter missions.


Photographer RemusSirion has captured cosplayer Celio’s unforgettable Alma Wade creation that has left us in a complex emotional state of terror. What is so astonishing about this cosplay is how simplistic it is. With a red long sleeve dress that is about mid-thigh length, and her long black messy wig that covers her scared eyes, Celio stays true to Alma’s character by covering her legs and bare feet in blood. What really makes the cosplayer embody the troubled psychic commander’s character is how well she portrays her emotions, which we are able to see through her scared expression in her eyes.

If you have yet to create your own cosplay, Alma Wade would make a great first project! You can check out our cosplay DIY video by Rexluna, where you can get helpful tips on understanding how to read pattern jackets, as well as helpful beginner do’s and don’ts. You can complete your own Alma cosplay by choosing a long straight black wig that doesn’t have bangs. Oh, and make sure that you don’t forget the blood, as it really takes the cosplay to a whole new level! Last, but not least, remember to embody the character’s emotions like you have seen Celio do so well with her cosplay of Alma. You too can achieve her epic level talent that will terrorize everyone you run across this Halloween!




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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi