Horror Cosplay Friday: A Pyramid Head Cosplay That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

RUN! No, really, run! That sound of metal scraping the floor isn’t your imagination. I hate to break the news to you, but it’s the infamous Pyramid Head, also known as “Red Pyramid Thing”, “Red Pyramid” or “Bogeyman” who has been the cause of nightmares since 2001. The terrifying character was introduced in the second entry into the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill 2. The idea behind Pyramid Head, derived from Masahiro Ito, the man behind Silent Hill 2’s monsters, want for a monster with a hidden face. After chucking multiple designs, Pyramid Head was finally settled on. Nothing about he horrifying man is small, and that only adds to how intimidating he is. With a sword as long as he is tall, and a… well, pyramid that covers any facial features he has, adding to the mystery and overall daunting aura that Pyramid Head carries.


It’s hard to believe that anything could compare to how scary the original Pyramid Head is, especially since one look at him sends most the other way. However, cosplayer Vera-Chimera has taken what Pyramid Head is, and given him her own twist – one might say it comes with a few feminine qualities. That’s right, while the original Pyramid Head uses his sheer size and sword to send people the other way. Vera-Chimera’s take on Pyramid Head might not share in the same gender as the original, but the appearance and use of a sword to kill enemies has stayed. Regardless of if Pyramid Head is female, or male there’s no denying that those around will wish they were hiding underneath their bed covers. Capturing Pyramid Head might not be an easy task for some, but when it comes to Vera-Chimera his cosplayer has done it with ease.


Photography by Beethy.


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