Horror Cosplay Friday: Cure Your Cosplay Addiction with Silent Hill’s Lisa Garland


Born and raised in the town of Silent Hill, and a student of Midwhich Elementary School, Lisa Garland continued the family tradition of becoming a nurse, beginning her career at Alchemilla Hospital. It was there where Ms Garland started a relationship PTV, a drug dispensed by the hospitals’ administrator, Dr. Michael Kaufmann and the resident cult of Silent Hill, The Order.

During her time at Alchemilla Hospital, one of her main duties was keeping a watchful eye and taking care of burns patient, Alessa Gillespie. With frequent bandaging of oozing wounds that would never heal, Lisa had no understanding of what was keeping Alessa alive. The constant replacement of bandages drove Lisa insane and Alessa misinterpreted Lisa’s care as actual affection; a desperate necessity and something she never received from her mother before her. This leads us to perceive why Lisa retains her human form and individuality in the events that unfold in Silent Hill.



American cosplayer, SiennaCosplay, has captured a side of Ms Garland that we don’t normally get to see in Silent Hill. In lieu of her crying blood and tears and being in her depressive state, she’s drawn inspiration from the iconic Blink182 album cover, and shown us a sexy and sensual side of Lisa Garland; one that we would see in Silent Hill Origins. It’s simple yet sexy, and it’s exceptionally well done.


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