Horror Cosplay: This Evil Dead Ash Cosplay Gets Womanly


The Evil Dead has been a sensation since 1981, fans growing accustomed – and attached to, the horror parody. In the years since the first movie’s release, it seems that people of all types have flocked to the original trilogy, laughing or shaking their heads at the antics that Ash, the main protagonist, and his friends seemed to get themselves into. The first movie laid down the premise of the series, only for the second to show that Ash hadn’t learned his lesson and returns to a cabin he knows is bad news. While some might think repeating history is groovy, facing up against demons… again doesn’t seem all its cracked up to be.


However, if anyone can take them down it’s Ash. Throughout the series Ash is scruffy male who combats against the foes around him, but thanks to cosplayers like IreneUbik Ash’s character has been given a slight twist. No longer is he a scruffy female, but a kick ass woman who can take down enemies with her chainsaw arm – and look cute while doing it.


 Photography by rbl3d