Horror Cosplay Friday: Watch out for this Fierce Predator Cosplayer!

predator-cosplay-1Photography by Turkka Nikula

Predator is definitely an iconic character from the sci-fi world. We all learned to fear these intense champions who made it a game to seek out and trophy hunt dangerous species around the universe. Predator was introduced in the 1987 film, Predator, and has expanded into other aspects of the sci-fi world on and off the screen.


The Predator design that we know today is vastly different from the original concept. Jean Claude Van Damme was cast to play Predator at the beginning. However, they ultimately scrapped the idea and went with Kevin Peter Hall who was much more physically intimidating at over 7 feet tall. This concept of the imposing hulk of a creature was born in the 80s and persists today in movies, games, and comic books.

predator-cosplay-3Photography by Marko Saari

Rubi, an incredibly talented cosplayer from Finland, made this intense female Predator cosplay. She won first prize at the Ropecon XX costume contest in an Alien/Predator group and deservedly so! Except for the leggings, she and her dad handcrafted the entire costume. The bone accessories are actual animal browns and all the leatherwork was done by hand. The attention to detail really shines through in this very primal Predator cosplay.



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Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra