Howl’s Moving Castle’s Sophie is Totally Adorable in This Cosplay

Howl’s Moving Castle started as a book and later was turned into a movie, quickly gaining high praise when it was turned into animation. It’s characters were easy to fall in love with and one that fans seem to be drawn to rather quickly was Sophie Hatter, the eldest of the Hatter sisters. Being the oldest in Ingary, Sophie was destined to never find her fortune — forcing her to life a dull, unfulfilling life day in and day out. There’s no doubt that she was quite the beauty when young and those looks transferred over as she aged.


Of course, it’s not often that you see someone cosplay a character that’s up in age — the younger characters generally gaining higher praise. Nikita Cosplay challenged the norm by embodying Sophie in her older years and she’s done a wonderful job in doing so. While the gray hair might tend to “take away from someone’s youth”, Nikita Cosplay has managed to make Sophie look youthful again and, more importantly, she looks happy. This cosplay of Sophie is truly adorable and Nikita Cosplay has captured the character’s essence, truly bringing her to life.


Photography by Valentin Offner