Hunt Down Hojo with this Vincent Valentine Cosplay

Vincent is an enigmatic, brooding optional playable character in Final Fantasy VII. A former Turk who fell in love with Sephrioth’s mother Lucrecia, he commits himself to a long slumber to atone for his sins. Found in the basement of Shrina Mansion, he joins Cloud in the others in the fight against Shinra and Sephrioth since that path will lead him to Professor Hojo, the one who destroyed his love. Not only that, but Professor Hojo shot him in the heart then performed multiple experiments on him, granting him his super strength.


Amie Lynn transforms herself into the pistol wielding mystery man in this epic Vincent Valentine cosplay. Wearing leather leggings adorned with studded belts, chains and a ribbed corset, she is stunning. The red cape is perfectly executed with multiple black belts holding the front together and the bottom edge being ragged. Gold plated boots and a gold glove with deadly pointed fingers completes the ensemble. Amie Lynn is an amazing Vincent Valentine.


Photography by Photographes sans Frontieres and Bigwhitebazooka